WCRiMS Wrocław

Assembly of heating systems (central heating and process heating), cooling and heat recovery, performed between 09.2015 and 05.2016

Brynów Center Katowice

PHU STANIECZKO carried out the following tasks in the 'Brynów Center' investment in Katowice:

  • Assembly of an innovative trigeneration network on Viessman devices
  • Development of the cooling system as a part of further equipping in specialist machinery PN-T Silesia in Katowice, consisting, among the others, of 290 kW ventilation adiabatic cooler for absorption aggregate and compressor chiller.
  • Assembly of water chiller and process heating performed between 05.2015 and 04.2016

Żywiec Zdrój Wieprz

Assembly of technological installation in Żywiec Zdrój plant in Wieprz, which contained the following:

  • assembly of technological installation from the stainless thin-walled steel in the pump house and in water intakes, with the steel grade 1.4401 and 1.4301
  • assembly of technological installation from the stainless thin-walled steel in the Water Center and the Water Warehouse, with the steel grade 1.4401 and 1.4301
  • Piping technological utilities (food industy steam, technical steam, condensate, compressed air, 10 and 40 bar, chiller water, notrogen) for Tetra Pak proceses and for the Sidel production line, with the steel grade 1.4401 and 1.4301
Production water piping with 100% of welding performed with orbital welder.


Supply and assembly of the indoor gas fitting in the Mubea 1 and Mubea 2 floors, along with assembly of the pressure stabilisation system and detection system in Zimna Wódka performed between 12.2015 and 04.2016


Addition of plumbing system to the KZK GOP building in Katowice at Barbara Street 21A. Performed between 09.2015 and 01.2016

MPWiK Sp. z o.o. Mysłowice

Modernization of the central heating system in the MPWIK-u Sp. Z o.o. Headquarters in Mysłowice at Sułkowskiego Street 3a. Performed between 09.2015 and 11.2015

Municipal Stadium in Wroclaw

In 2011 PHU STANIECZKO provided complete installation of greensward heating system with heat exchangers, process heat system and central heating in the Municipal Stadium in Wroclaw.

Panattoni Sosnowiec

Supply and assembly of the complete gas fittings, along with plugging in 46 units of infrared lamps on the floors C and G. Performed between 08.2015 and 09.2015

PURE premises in the Supersam building in Katowice

Assembly of process heating system with the heat pomps in the PURE premises in the Supersam building in Katowice.

Bilifinger Mars Offshore Sp. z o.o. Szczecin

PHU STANIECZKO company has assemblied a compressed air system with the black steel pipes, grade P265GH, of diameters from DN100 to DN50, of the total lenght of 1450 metres, the system parameters P = 7 bar. Installation was assemblied in the Production plant of large-scale steel foundations for offshore wind turbines on Ostrów Brdowski in Szczecin.

Eko-Miasteczko Siewierz

Assembly of indoor ventilation system, plumbing system, central heating, process heating and the heat pomps network in the D2 tenement house Eko Miasteczko at Jeziorna street in Siewierz.

Homanit Krosno Odrzańskie

The works completed by PHU STANIECZKO company contained:

  • assembly of a compressed air and condensate system with the black steel pipes, grade P265GH, of diameters from DN 350 to DN 15, the system parameters P = 18 bar, T = 218ºC
  • assembly of steam reduction system with the steel piper, grade 13CrMo4-5 ; the system parameters Pmax = 72 bar, T = 500ºC
  • assembly of process heating system
  • assembly of mineral wool insulation with the PCV layer on the steam and condensate pipelines

Regionalne Centrum Gospodarki Wodno-Ściekowej S.A.

Renovation of existing pomphouse P25 (supply and assembly of fittings along with the replacement of pipelines) located at Glowna street in Tychy, along with the land development.

LIFEAGE Premium Wellnes Club

PHU STANIECZKO company completed the following works:

  • segment of pipeline network, water hydrant supply and sanitary and rainwater canalisation
  • plumbing system and water heating system
  • rainwater draining system
  • saunarium (the installation part)
In the premises of LIFEAGE Premium Wellness Club in Chorzow.

Maspex Tychy

PHU STANIECZKO performed assembly works for the project: "Construction of the maintenance-free high storage warehouse at Strefowa st. in Tychy". The scope of works:

  • assembly of central heating system
  • assembly of water chiller system
  • assembly of air-conditioning system
  • assembly of ventilation system.
Works were performed between July and September 2008